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A young man shaking hands with his driving examiner, who is holding a clipboard with a test certificate marked "Passed"

Pass Plus training and certificates

If you've recently passed your driving test and are looking to improve your driving skills even further, Pass Plus training is a great way to do just that. In addition to improving your driving skills, when you receive your Pass Plus certificate, it can also help reduce the cost of your car insurance.

Pass Plus consists of six different modules, each taking about an hour. All components must be passed to receive your certificate. These include:

• Driving in town

• Driving in all weathers

• Driving on rural roads

• Driving at night

• Driving on dual carriageways

• Driving on motorways

What does Pass Plus training include?

Precision Driver Training provides driving tuition for all drivers of all abilities, from beginners to veterans. In addition to our regular driving lessons and tuition, we also provide taxi test tuition, refresher courses, as well as Driver Instructor Training. If you would like to arrange any of these services or discuss them in more detail, be sure to call today.

Advanced driving tuition

Improve your driving skills and reduce the cost of your car insurance by receiving your Pass Plus certificate:

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